The “Kindle” was a waste of my money.

Miss Perfect Patty blogged about getting a Kindle Fire or a Nook e-reader.

I got the Kindle and a Mac Air for my trip. And I did have an early I-pad.

My reading style is a lot like Patty’s. Except, I may be more comfortable reading online. I prefer paper. But, I am totally comfortable reading on a screen. I do prefer a 12 sized font face.

As an “E-reader,” the kindle did what it is “advertised to do.”

But, my buying a Kindle was a terrible mistake.

What they do not tell you is that the usable fonts are small …. and I don’t need large fonts. But, to get a decent font size for reading (I hope you know a little tech) the sentence pattern becomes very choppy. So, at a readable font size, it doesn’t do the pretty pictures you see advertised.

Instead you get something like this:

I need to figure out the code for this example …. I am traveling, and that will take me a couple of days. mmm …. I will take a picture of the silly thing …. old technology, but it might work better …. let’s see what happens when I charge up the Kindle. That will take a while ….

I prefer to read 12 or 13 font. 10 and 12 are usually the standard font sizes on computers. You blog looks like a 10 of a different font than I am used to. Font 10 in Times New Roman would be a little larger. Your blog would be about a font 9 in Times. You can check this in a word document. You can change the fonts and the sizes to get accustomed to it. But, I think you already had a feel for fonts, and I am explaining for any other readers who do not ….

At about 12 font, the kindle reading becomes awkward.

I think it was worth about $20. And I will return mine.

The Fire may be a better device …. But, I really doubt it …. using my experience and then extrapolating that upon the reviews I have read, they sound like paid commercials. Or, reviews by early adopters who think the rest of us should be encouraged to waste our money.

The IPad 1 was not ready for prime time. For what I got, it was very expensive and slow. Having said that, the direction Apple took was a much better direction than the one that Kindle took. There is a night and day difference. I have heard that the IPad 2 is significantly faster …. I think that would solve the only real problem I had with it.

Get the wireless ability, so when you travel you can buy a month of wireless access …. no more need for a Mac Air ….

The reviews indicated that the Fire was trying to close some of those ‘gaps’.

The first difference, the screen size.

Reading a small book, like a paper-back, is not difficult. But, on the nook, the fonts are NOT as clear as on the printed page.

Their fonts were slightly ‘clearer’ compared to the same size on the IPad. But, the IPad would allow me to go to about a font 24 before the paragraphs began to distort and become less readable …. Font 24 is big and bold headline size.

I will finish this blog over time.

I am traveling home for Christmas, so forgive me….


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