Calling all romantics


Have you ever noticed how everyone says they are romantic?


Ladies, stay with me a moment as I illustrate this from my experience.

I went out with a young lady, and I asked, “Are you romantic?”

She smiled and said, “Of course.”  And then she giggled.

I was enjoying her hair and her eyes …. You know those moments seem magical.  And the memories are almost eternal.

That is why I can blog this so quickly.  The memory is set in stone.

And, just few minutes later, she looked over at the guy at another table ….

My stomach turned sour. A concrete anchor seemed to drop away beneath me …. as if I had been dumped in the North Sea.  Left out in the cold with the Icebergs.

Ladies?  You know it has happened to you …. Are you still with me?

What should we do?

BTW.  I am watching one of those crazy romantic episodes on a TV with no sound.  Just romantic Jazz music and waitresses dancing with the blinking Christmas Tree lights.

So, what DO WE DO?

How do we keep romance alive?  Not that cheap Hollywood, or Harlequin Romance junk.  You know the type:  Hero ‘of the story’ meets a fashion model ‘in distress.’  They go out on two dates, it is ‘love everlasting’ and ‘steamy nights’ from there on.

That is a cheap imitation.  Romance is all the time.  It is taking your sweetheart hot chicken noodle soup on a cold winters day …. because you thought about her toiling away at her dreaded J.O.B.

Romance is a pure love of genuine attraction between a man and a woman.

How do we keep the real stuff alive?

Online dating services did not work for me.

Did they work for you?

Friends?  Have dating services worked for more than 0.001% of us?

I have friends who have been successful on-line.  They feel like the won the lottery.  And the odds are about that bad, aren’t they?

And … I went out with one of those blind date recommendations …. It was as bad as some of the on-line stuff.

Honestly …. one of my on-line dates was dealing with demonic issues.  I mentioned Jesus and she would fall asleep.  She talked about “god” and “missions” for almost an hour.  Then I mentioned Jesus.  And, she could not talk about “Jesus.”  It was weird.  Four times, I mentioned Jesus and she fell asleep!  The first two times I thought it was just that we had talked for a long time.  WHEW!!!!  I am getting chills just remembering it.

What should we do?

Start a club for lonely hearts?  What do we call ourselves?  “The lonely hearts club?”  For some reason, I think that has been taken.

How do we restart Romance in America?

Do we import it from the United States of China?

I think that would have too much lead paint in it ….

What do you think? What are our options?



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