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In a perfect world

We would each have $1 million, and a home, and a new car. But, would that buy US love, peace, and happiness? And isn’t that what we would rather have?  Have you noticed how much happiness we sacrifice when we … Continue reading

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What are the gays afraid of?

Friends, As I listen to all of the talk about Phil Robertson, I have to ask myself, “What are the gays really afraid of?” No one is talking about deportation, execution, or arrests. Or even firing them. Instead they are … Continue reading

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Why is there so much hate?

Have you noticed how crazy it seems to be getting? Wars, shootings, race baiting? Why is there so much hate? Well, I will give you my simple answer, and then explain a little more. Simple answer, we have turned away … Continue reading

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

I do. Wayne

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The First of 6 W’s for Blogging

I hope you remember the old “5 w’s and an ‘h’”. Referred to by many names, it is a simple way to remember all aspects of something. How to remember an appointment? Who: Doctor What: Physical When: Tomorrow Why: New … Continue reading

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The things you learn reading a friend’s blog ….

OK readers, One of my author friends just reviewed a novella. I labored with Elizabeth (slightly) for several months as she finished her book.  One of the privileges of belonging to a writer’s group is learning from someone as they … Continue reading

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Bad Business

Have we all experienced the “Sorry, but you are trying to return that item 2 days too late?” And your reply is something like, “But, you told me NOT to return it when I came in 3 days ago?” Don’t … Continue reading

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