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The First of 6 W’s for Blogging

I hope you remember the old “5 w’s and an ‘h’”. Referred to by many names, it is a simple way to remember all aspects of something. How to remember an appointment? Who: Doctor What: Physical When: Tomorrow Why: New … Continue reading

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Calling all romantics

Friends, Have you ever noticed how everyone says they are romantic? Honestly?   Ladies, stay with me a moment as I illustrate this from my experience. I went out with a young lady, and I asked, “Are you romantic?” She … Continue reading

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The imminent death of an iconic Atheist.

It seems imminent that Hitchens will soon “meet his maker,” whoever that may be. More details and homage may be found here:   Blog at WEIT There is no time when I wish ill of other people.  It is easy … Continue reading

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