Police try to blow woman up.


Have you noticed how weird our world has become?

A 300 pound man attacks a cop, and we are told to believe he was a ‘kid.’ I wish the cop had not shot him, but a 300 pound man is huge, and can be a threat.

This time police did go over the top. Not in Ferguson, not in the USA, but in Australia.

Police left a bomb at the airport after a training exercise. They left it in a suitcase. So when a woman’s suitcase was damaged, the airport gave her the abandoned suitcase.

Okay, I know that technically, the police did not give it to her, the airport did.

But, how, HOW, do you leave a bomb behind?

Where is the liberal outrage?

How do you leave a half pound bomb laying around?

BBC Article about Sydney airport bomb.

You and I have to be scanned, because they do not want to hurt the feelings of the terrorists. But, COPS can leave a bomb?

Is it just me? Or, is this crazy?



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