How can you survive America’s coming collapse?


I am not a ‘doomsday’ crazy guy.

But, I have read ‘The Book,’ and I know how it will eventually all end. But, before Armageddon, I think America will also come to our end.

I know it is possible that Armageddon and the end of the world could be a couple years away, but living like it is still ten or twenty years away leads to an important set of questions:

1. Will America survive much longer as we know it now?

2. If it gets bad in America, how bad will it get?

3. If it gets bad, or gets better, what will you do?

First, $18 Trillion in debt has changed our future. We will have to star paying much more interest in the future on our debt. Our budget is almost $4 Trillion. At historic interest rates, the current US Federal interest maintenance of US debt would be between $600 Billion and $800 Billion. (1)

That would require significant cuts to Welfare and Social Security. Depending on how high our interest rates go to maintain the debt, your Social Security retirement would be worth 10% to 50% less than it is today.

Do you ask why the Democrats refuse to fix the problem? So do I. Merely rolling back welfare to 2008 levels could prevent our decline. (2)

Second, naturally a 10% hit on Social Security payments is the mild possibility. With Obama’s additional debt, our weakening economy, and any world wide demand for bigger interest payments, the US would have to cut benefits more.

Personally, I think the collapse will be slow, but steady. I do not see ‘a cliff.’ But our situation will deteriorate.

Worst case? Inflation would eat away at our income levels, and we could see five years like Spain, Greece, and Italy did. Their economic output was close to ours, and their debt problem similar. They lost around 30% of their pre-crash income value.

There would be a lot of poor Americans.

Last, how can you survive America’s coming collapse?

Pray. Repent, and turn to God. And start a business (). Keep one year reserve cash in stocks, bonds, cash and gold (or precious metals and gems).

God will see you through. But, economic reserves will help you keep your sanity.

What do you think I missed?


(1) current maintenance at $411 Billion (; current bond rates vs historic rates are 2.5% and 5% ( AND

(2) and and

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3 Responses to How can you survive America’s coming collapse?

  1. Hi!
    My guess is America will be doing fine as its social system has been constructed in the right way and it is perfectly balanced.
    They succeeded to organize a system the key elements of which are two major human sins; Avarice and Envy. It’s not good or bad; it’s just right.
    Why, for example, did the Soviet Union collapse?
    Conspiracy theorists say that it was the US to blame (the Dulles’ Doctrine and such'_Plan ), but this is not the case. True, the Anglo-Saxons contributed greatly to the collapse of the Soviet Russia but the fight was between the Anglo-Saxon world and the Russian Empire; a fight as usual.
    The system was broken from within as it was just wrongly organized. They really wanted to give equal opportunity to every human being. You always had a roof over your head, you could plan your whole life and, what is most important, you felt protected and your future was your future.
    Such systems don’t last as there are always people who want to dominate and have it all. So the system was deliberately broken from within.
    The EU will be broken from within, too, as it is a system wrongly organized. Multiculturalism and tolerance (as well as Socialism and Communism, which are very European ideas, too) are very good and godly things but applied to human societies they are just wrong and collapse comes as sure as the sun.
    As to American debts, I think it’s not their problem; it’s rather the problem of the rest of the world.
    I think that in near future America will be a total police state (it just can’t be otherwise to keep the humle ones where they are), there will be more poor and totally frustrated people (I know how they feel, it’s not only the problem of surviving; people are born in this world for higher purposes ) but the whole system will be solid as a rock as it is rightly organized.
    I think the rest of the world will pay American debts finally; usually it’s done by organizing wars and revolutions all over the globe and profit from it.
    So the odds are pretty good that ordinary Americans will live like after WW2 some day…

    • Wayne says:

      You might be a greedy liberal, but you wrote well. That is usually an indication of great traditions, not modern liberalism.

      Yes, the world will pay, but I think the great ‘giveaway’ modern liberals have done to American wealth will cost US even more than it will cost the world.

      And you mention proper ‘balance.’ Is it really balanced when those on welfare are given more than the lower middle class can earn? When welfare takes from Social Security retirement pensions to reward those who do not work?

      Again, we agree upon many points.

      Thank you,


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