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Police try to blow woman up.

Friends, Have you noticed how weird our world has become? A 300 pound man attacks a cop, and we are told to believe he was a ‘kid.’ I wish the cop had not shot him, but a 300 pound man … Continue reading

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Ex-Australian PM, Malcolm Fraser: ‘US thinks rules are for inferior nations, it’s in their DNA’

Originally posted on Stop Making Sense:
Interview transcript Malcolm Fraser: Ukraine and Crimea’s two factions must learn to live together Malcolm Fraser: There’s no way out unless the west understands its past mistakes Malcolm Fraser’s Wikipedia Profile

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Couple runs a marathon every day for a year.

Friends, OK, the elderly couple actually added New Year’s Day to make it into the Guiness Book of World Records …. So, one year and one day. 366 marathons in one year and one day. Here is the article I … Continue reading

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Lesbians advertise to children.

Friends, The progressive agenda and the gay agenda have never been about what is right for people, especially children. IMHO. And as you know, I believe the Bible supports my position, and I believe statistical data about the LGBT community … Continue reading

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