Gangs destroy US, guns defend US


Lisa Bloom just got back from her vacation around the poor of Ethiopia. It made her feel good to be the Rich American visiting the poor. She even took time to visit Israel and feel good.

Why did she feel good?

She was surrounded by GUNS. Guns kept her SAFE. In the middle of the war-torn Middle East, she was surrounded by gun-toting youth. College age kids.

But, in America, she wants you and I to be stripped of our Protections, Freedoms, and Rights.

Why? She says guns kill, while she is protected by guns.


So, really, why? Because, I think she wants US to become victims of her progressive agenda.

60% of gun deaths are suicide. 80% of the ‘murders’ are gun battles by gangs.

I have blogged on this before. Here Here. And Here. And the result is simple: More of US are killed by water than by actual murder. And 2 million times each year, some of US are defended by using our guns.

Over TWO million each year. 20 Million this last decade. Over 100 million every fifty years.

Every fifty years, about 250 thousand of US are actually murdered by guns, almost that many murdered with knives and axes, and more than that are killed by drownings, and many more than that are killed by cars. And now, many more than that are killed by cell-phone using in-attentive drivers.

Under 0.0025% of the number of US protected by guns are murdered by guns.

Ban guns for the elite. Ban guns from the progressives. Ban guns around the president. Ban guns from the gangs. Ban guns from our enemies around the world.

Take guns from the police, who kill too many innocent bystanders, and too few murderous felons.

Stop the senseless drownings and slaughter by cars.

Make US safe. Make US feel safe.

And THEN talk to US about our Second Amendment being old and out of date.

Do you agree? Tell US.


PS. If you really want to fix a problem for US, fix welfare. The plague that is destroying US. White, Black, and Economic Enslavement.

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