You are more likely to drown than to be murdered by a gun.


There are many fear mongers out there.

But, most uses of guns world wide are in self defense. In the US, over 2 million people each year use a gun in self defense. Or, they pretend to have a gun.

BBC report on gun murders.

The BBC claims the US murder rate is excessively high, when compared to FBI data. Why? Because they know their numbers are wrong.

And they know that if you remove New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, D.C. and Philadelphia the murder rate in the US would plummet …. plummet.

Because the cities with the strictest gun control laws have the most murders.

The rest of the US has a MUCH lower crime rate than the few big cities leading the way, in politics, cultural change, and murder behavior.

But, only 20% of the gun ‘murders’ involve normally law abiding citizens. The first 80% are gang members and drug dealers.

By the time you get to the actual risk that you or I could be murdered by guns, we have a greater risk of drowning,

or murder by any other means.

CDC Drowning Risk.

You did read that correctly, law abiding citizens use guns for defense, they tend to murder with other weapons ….

So, what IS gun control about?

It IS about CONTROL.

Yes, there are some who truly believe their politics would not control anyone else, but they DO NOT go through security lines to get on airplanes ….

The rest of US do.

Would I consider negotiating away my Second Amendment rights?

Only after the President and Congress live in a gun free zone, and the government has shown they will always protect me …. within a 1 minute response time.

Trust me, it does not take me one minute to respond to a threat. So, I think I am being fair to allow them one minute.

What do you think?


A more in depth analysis.

School shootings and drugs.

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2 Responses to You are more likely to drown than to be murdered by a gun.

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  2. Wayne says:

    Reblogged this on luvsiesous and commented:


    It has been a long time since I posted on gun control.

    Enjoy your freedom, not the rage around US killing people.


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