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Gangs destroy US, guns defend US

Friends, Lisa Bloom just got back from her vacation around the poor of Ethiopia. It made her feel good to be the Rich American visiting the poor. She even took time to visit Israel and feel good. Why did she … Continue reading

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Why is America so violent?

Friends, I report on this in different ways. But, this time, I will let a study of two western mining towns illustrate the violence. Popular wisdom says that generations of living on and conquering frontiers have made Americans a violent … Continue reading

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Is Alaska today America tomorrow?

Friends, CNN has been doing expose articles on Alaska’s terrible crime rate. CNN Article. We need to fix Alaska. But, with the violent offender rates rising in America, we should ask, “Is Alaska today America tomorrow?” Are we looking at … Continue reading

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Teenager murdered girl for fun.

Fellow pilgrims, This is a new low. But, the lowest part? The judge did not give this woman the death sentence. They act like merely saying she is guilty is enough. She murdered a 9 year old girl, NINE YEARS … Continue reading

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The violence blame-game goes to the Stooges

Originally posted on Freedom Cocktail:
In the middle of the golden age of Hollywood, a slap-stick trio of buffoons managed to work their way to the top of the comedy ladder, continuing to be an inspiration to many, while known…

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Why is there so much hate?

Have you noticed how crazy it seems to be getting? Wars, shootings, race baiting? Why is there so much hate? Well, I will give you my simple answer, and then explain a little more. Simple answer, we have turned away … Continue reading

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Sexual assaults in America are out of control.

Friends, As I have reported before, sexual assaults are out of control in America. 1 in 3 college women and military women, and 1 in 7 men. This report is sad, very sad. I pray we can turn this around. … Continue reading

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Christians under attack in Egypt.

Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. The World Wide War has been especially hard on Christians. In most Islamic countries, Christians are a small minority. They really cannot defend themselves against the majority. In Egypt … Continue reading

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