Obama-nation or Romney-hood?


Others are blogging on this as well, here is an ABC Blog.


OK, can you take from the poor?

Here we see that half of Americans do not pay income taxes.

Here you can read this pdf article from Cato Institute.

So, what is the Obamanation? In short? It is buying votes.

Obama-nation takes from the middle class and buys votes.

How can you say you are taking from the rich to pay the poor, when you are wasting OVER $20,000 PER PERSON.

OVER $1,500 per month per person on our WELFARE SYSTEM.

That is outrageous.

$600 per person would be high. 2.5 times that is WASTEFUL.

So, do we continue to bankrupt the country? Even taking more money from the middle-class and the upper-class will not close the gap.

Obama has spent SO MUCH more than Bush, there is no realistic way to close the gap.

I pray for our country.

How about you?


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