Kaitlyn Hunt’s ‘Girlfriend’

Friends and Readers,

This whole “Stop the Hate Free Kate” is absurd.

Regardless of how you try to paint this ‘predator,’ she is still a predator. And her victim was barely in High School. They list the victim as C.S. Her parents are listed as Smith, and as Sullivan. The courts know the names, the Hunts know the names.

They arrested Kate 6 months after she turned 18, for having sex with a 14 year old.

The poor kid, now 15, is messed up for life. SHE GOT A LIFE conviction as a victim, but I read all of these sick people saying crazy things like, it is only because she (Kate) is gay, they wouldn’t do this to a 17 year old boy.

First, Kate was 18, second, they would do that to an 18 year old young man in a heart beat – and they should.

A 14 year old girl starting her sex life will have 4 times as many sex partners as a 15 year old starting. A 15 year old will have more than twice as many sex partners as a 14 year old. All of this is on average, and is data for heterosexual sexual onset.

When you look at the data, the girl in question, will live a very messed up life. She will be lucky if she has fewer than a dozen ‘partners’ in her lifetime. And there is no telling if most of her partners will be male or female. She could easily have over 100 sex partners in her lifetime.

Most strippers, sex workers, and playboy models started sex under the age of 15 ….. Most of them, if not all of them, live really messed up lives.

The assault upon the younger girl re-wired her brain. It wired her brain to equate sex with love and love with sex. She is now a victim.

In the 1950’s they would have called a girl like this ‘easy.’

She does not know how to unwire her brain.

That was done to her. She did not wake up one night and say, “I think I want to become a sex-aholic.” She was groomed by Kate to become her victim.

Kate has maintained contact with the victim, and she continued having sex with the victim, after being ordered to stay away from the victim. She has continued to control the victim with sex to keep the victim from testifying against her ….

But, the girlfriend (C.S.) is in a total psychological messed up state of mind. Because her brain was rewired by early sexual onset, she really believes Kate ‘loves her.’

Few, very, very few sex partners at 18 continue a relationship when they are 28 …. unless they marry. Fact. And if they have sex before marriage, the rate of successful marriage drops.

So, to say that Kate ‘cares’ for ‘C.S.’ is misunderstanding the facts of human sexuality. The facts are that Kate will not provide financial care, medical care, or emotional care for the girl she injured. All she wanted was a sex partner.

Now all Kate wants from this is the ‘opportunity’ to become a nurse …. She wants to move on with her life. She wanted to manipulate the courts, her family, and you, and I so she could benefit.

That is not remorse, or concern for the victim.

Do not get me wrong, self preservation is natural. But when did self-preservation include a college degree and a profession?

No one is calling for the death penalty, I don’t think we are.

But, a statement needs to be made.

Adults do not have the right to groom children, or young teenagers.

Kaitlyn is not even expressing remorse at what she has done to this girl. No remorse for the victim, only remorse for the predator?

That is sick.

What do you think?

Does C.S. have a chance, even 1% chance, at a normal life?


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13 Responses to Kaitlyn Hunt’s ‘Girlfriend’

  1. Crystal Diercks says:

    First off, this is exactly what I hate bout this law! It crosses a line &, yes, the parents of that girl only went after her cuz they didn’t agree w the relationship! Despicable! Second, I was a dancer for 5 yrs & the life that me & my family live isn’t messed up. In fact, it’s extremely good & gettin better every day! Stereotypical ppl like u disgust me & a lot of other ppl in this society. Do u have nothin better to do than judge others??? Those parents shoulda been prosecuted also!

    • Wayne says:


      You say you are not messed up. But, with all of your internalized anger and your judgmental attitude, I think your life is not all roses.

      Thank you for commenting,


    • Wayne says:

      I worry about the children.

      Yes. You can stereotype me. Most Liberals do that. So, just look at me as another George Washington, or any other great American you love to hate.

      Thank you for stopping by.


  2. Tommy says:

    Let me correct my last post i ment to Wayne P.S. Malum in se rape is with force

  3. Tommy says:

    To Mary No YOU need to get your facts straight Statutory rape is not malum in se it would not even be “rape” if there was no staute there is no culpable mens rea element for the crime of L&L battery under Florida law meaning if somebody where actualy raped by an underage person they’d be held guilty of the crime and punished there’s no culpability so L&L/Statutory rape is a blamless crime!

    • Wayne says:


      Not sure to whom you were directing this, but statutory rape is is rap, and that is why it is illegal.

      It does cause harm, and the victim will spend years recovering from this.

  4. I agree with you 100%.

    I am almost hesitant to admit this, but I became sexually active at the age of 13 with a boy much older than me and while I did consent, reluctantly, it was not a peaceful situation and it did lead to what you are talking about here.

    I spent a lot of years battling with depression, self-mutilation, alcoholism, and other problems.

    I am happy to say that today I am a healthy-minded mother of two boys, married to a wonderful husband of over 21 years, and I am very involved in their education and future. I also volunteer in my community, and even home school my youngest son.

    BUT all of this was only because I gave my life to the Lord and really changed my life.

    Of course, my life has not been free of problems-things that have lasting repercussions. It took me a LONG time to mature into the adult I am today, in fact, I would say I really did not grow up until I was about 35. Only by the grace of God, did my husband make it through all of these years with all of the afflictions I had and I really trace most of them back to that one event. I even had a friend tell me one day when I was in my late 20’s “It seems like you don’t have any respect for yourself”. She was right-I really didn’t.

    I think there is hope for this girl if she gives her life to the Lord, but I guess only time will tell.

    Kaitlyn Hunt seems VERY immature for her age and you are right-she shows no remorse whatsoever for what she has done. I recently watched the 20/20 show on her release and they seemed to paint a pretty picture of a “beautiful cheerleader who had it all”. My first thought was “What kind of 18 year old finds much in common with a 14 year old in a relationship?” My own son has not desired to date a freshman even when he WAS a freshman because he thinks freshman are very immature and believe me-many beautiful freshman at his school would like to date him. Even when he was a sophomore, he would not date a freshmen. The fact that she was 18 and attracted to a 14 year old in itself is a big issue. And it seems even now, her taste in relationships is still immature as she is dating a woman who is 27 and has a criminal record. Kaitlyn doesn’t seem to consider her consequences or her future-she just follows her sexual self-interests, otherwise, she’d at least be looking for someone with a future, not a criminal record.

  5. Smarter than you says:

    You’re [edited].

  6. mary says:

    You sir need to get your facts right before you publish something l I’ll keep this. Their relationships was consensual. Kate did not force herself on that girl and rape her. Kate is being charged as if she was a REAL rapist. Obviously you need to me to tell you the definition of rapist because you are to dam stupid to know. Rapist: somebody who uses force to have sexual intercourse with somebody else. Also that 14 year old girls parents secretly listened to Kate’s and her girlfriends phone call, which was wrong on there part; and all because they didn’t like the fact that their daughter was dating a girl. And who are you to say who a person can and cannot love. So please get your facts right before you accuse people of false accusations. Ps I’m a 14 year old girl and I see nothing wrong with a 14 now 15 year old girl and a 18 year old girl dating. Which is really saying something.

    • Wayne says:


      YOU need to get your facts straight. An 18 year old and a 14 year old

      IS RAPE.

      It does not matter if you understand it. It does not matter who listened in, or what anyone else did.

      A victim is a victim.

      And I will stand up for victims, no matter what you think you can tell me I MUST DO.

      PS, the current case against Kate is over ….

      • Tommy says:

        The Victim in this instace is a “victim” only by statutory defanition it does not imply nor does it mean actual harm

    • Judge says:

      [in reply to Mary] Holy [blank] you are a complete moron

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