Hatemongers versus Church


Why are hatemongers tolerated?

Don’t the progressives say they are the tolerant ones? Then why do their practitioners assault Church Tradtions?

USAToday Article.

A 3 girl band dressed up like terrorists (wearing hoods) ran into a Church and began a profanity laced ‘song.’ They attacked the traditions of the Church.

During their defense, they claimed they did not know the ‘rules’ of the Church. Yet, they claimed to be ‘members’ of the Church. And they only wanted to speak to the leader of their Church.

It is time to call for punishment of the haters. Send them to Mecca, and have them insult the Muslim church.

If the Muslims let them live, then (THEN) send them to jail for a year.

There is no reason for the hate.

It is disgusting.

But, Jesus told these times would come.

Are you as tired as I am?



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