Extinction events

While there is a lot of discussion today of meteors hitting the Earth.

Even the UN has discussed the problem, and they had 15,000 Russians trained in the USA in case of a disaster happening.

That does not make sense to me either.

While there is a lot of discussion today about extinction events, until recently, extinction was not in anyone’s vocabulary. The last 30 years started our discussion of extinction.

Maybe we are all obsessed with Hollywood?

Wiki even gets into the discussion, Permian-Triassic Extinction. I was reading up on Russia when I found the link to the extinction. It seems most of Russia was formed during this time, and some people think the volcanic formation of the Russian ‘steps’ led to the mass extinction.

Why was the Bible the only source of information on the extinction event(s) for almost 3500 years?

Does that make you wonder as much as it makes me wonder?



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