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Should you worry about abortion?

Friends, I do not blog on abortion often. Why? Because of the political fire-storm around the topic. I get comments like, “You are a man you have no opinion.” Yes, I have an opinion, and yes, I have a right … Continue reading

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Cosmological inflation proven

OK, as in all things scientific, there is a caveat, ‘they say’ it has been proven. And it is always fact until it is disproven. But, this is interesting. Especially since, CBR (Cosmic Background Radiation) happened 380,000 years after the … Continue reading


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Extinction events

While there is a lot of discussion today of meteors hitting the Earth. Even the UN has discussed the problem, and they had 15,000 Russians trained in the USA in case of a disaster happening. That does not make sense … Continue reading

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Water found where?

Evolution always amazes me. As an overall statement, I would say that Evolution tries to make the biblical story into fiction while elevating ‘Science’ above biblical revelation. OK, the biblical story says water for the biblical flood came from under … Continue reading

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Even a Muslim admits Muslims are exterminating Christians.

Friends, I wrote about BBC totally missing the mark on the number of Christians persecuted and killed world wide. Now, BBC reported on the issue again, but this time, they were a little more accurate. It is scary how Christians … Continue reading

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How do I know right from wrong?

Friends, How do I know when I have made a right or a wrong decision? A beautiful friend asked me this over sushi, yes, I need SUSHI. But, how do we go through life and KNOW. For me, it is … Continue reading

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Why does anyone vote liberal?

Can anyone explain to me “why does anyone vote liberal?” If I blog about traditional marriage, I offend a liberal. If I blog about life, I offend a liberal. If I blog about God, I offend a liberal. If I … Continue reading

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The Blogosphere

Eventually, I will write everything you ever wanted to know about blogging. OK, almost everything. Do you remember MySpace?  Do you remember Stephanie Faris, you remember her?  She was the cute blond from Tennessee?  Well, Stephanie got married …. WHAT? … Continue reading

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Dr. Coyne gets religious pushback

The good Professor got juvenile inquiry.  Honestly?  I am surprised. I am glad that he met students who challenged him. I am one of those learners who just does not like to be told, “Because, that is what the book … Continue reading

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