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Einstein told Moses what to write in Genesis

Friends, There is a never ending debate between Evolution and Christianity. Honestly? Some Christians think that they are Evolutionists, and this debate does not involve them. BUT, I have discussed this with MANY Atheist Evolutionists, even some of the ‘Big … Continue reading

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Science, or Ignorance?

Friends, As you know, I study Evolution and Creation.  Science fascinates me, always has.  And that was a main reason I became Agnostic for years.  But, then I READ what ‘Scientists’ actually wrote, I began to realize, there was a … Continue reading

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Extinction events

While there is a lot of discussion today of meteors hitting the Earth. Even the UN has discussed the problem, and they had 15,000 Russians trained in the USA in case of a disaster happening. That does not make sense … Continue reading

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Water found where?

Evolution always amazes me. As an overall statement, I would say that Evolution tries to make the biblical story into fiction while elevating ‘Science’ above biblical revelation. OK, the biblical story says water for the biblical flood came from under … Continue reading

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Why does Extinction matter?

Well?  Does Evolution matter? Why does it matter? Before we look at why Extinction matters, let us look at Evolution. And before Evolution, let us examine things that we do know matter.  Take the Stock Market.  If we lose faith … Continue reading

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