Another reporter is raided by Obama’s Administration.


This is becoming a scary trend.

OK, first, the First Amendment is supposed to protect Christians from persecution. The reading of it has been expanded to protect things like pornographers and reporters.

But, how scary is it that something like SIX major reporters have been spied upon, had their property seized, and their lives invaded under this Administration.

The article.

This is CRAZY. A pre-dawn raid in battle armor and battle gear.

They took (at gun point) all sorts of documents. And later when the documents were returned, the reporter noticed the only documents they seized had nothing to do with the warrant.

That is un-Constitutional – period.

It was a ‘witch-hunt.’ And ironically, their witch hunt showed just how incompetent our Federal Police can be. The documents had all been obtained under Freedom of Information Act.

They thought she had done her report based upon ‘insider information,’ and they were trying to find the inside informant. But, her documents were released to her by the GOVERNMENT.

Had the organization done its due diligence, they would have known that. They would not have attacked people with guns – sorry, but I do not like drawn guns. No matter what.

Now think about this, in real life. Can you imagine your doors being knocked down and armed men coming in and holding you HOSTAGE at gun point?

OK, maybe they didn’t knock the doors down, but they went in and detained the people at gun point and restrained ….

And the agency responsible? The US Coast Guard …. the COAST GUARD?

Has America really come to this?

What do you think?



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