Did President Obama authorize foreign troops on US soil?


This is crazy, and I will try to simplify it.

urbanlegends.about.com Russian-Troops-To-Be-Deployed-On-US-Soil.

OK, I heard about this. And I thought, that is crazy.

I checked it out, and both urbanlegends, and snopes say that it is false,

Is it true that FEMA signed an agreement to deploy Russian troops to provide security at mass events in the U.S.A.? No, that’s a fictional claim which distorts the terms of an actual agreement signed by representatives of FEMA and the Russian Emergency Ministry on June 25, 2013.

OK, but what did the agreement say?

the parties approved of U.S.-Russian cooperation in this field in 2013-2014, which envisages exchange of experience including in monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training of rescuers, development of mine-rescuing and provision of security at mass events.

It seems the US is asking several countries to participate in this world-wide security group to provide security at major ‘events.’

Let me define ‘event.’ They discuss meteorites and things like that. Seriously? Not hurricanes like Katrina, or tidal waves?

OK, every country in the world has internal security for events like that. If a planet wide meteorite event happened, would any country worry about the US over their people?

The US has National Guard already in place for this sort of event. The only place we do not have National Guard for this kind of event?

Washington DC.

Why do we need “security at mass events” in Washington?

15,000? That is a division and a half of troops …. that is a lot of ground troops.

We barely had 6 times that many troops in Afghanistan – the size of TEXAS. And the population of Texas. Washington is pretty SMALL, I admit, the politicians spend like they are much bigger.

1,500 would have concerned me. 5 would have actually sounded like they were ‘learning from each other.’ Did we have 15,000 troops stationed in BAGHDAD?

I didn’t find how many we had in Baghdad. But, I found an interesting video of a reporter walking home in the Green Zone ….

OK, I do not know why our government reached out to the Russians for crowd control that can really only be used in DC. (*)

It does not make sense to me.

But, it is even scarier when people write about it, and change the facts to make it not sound bad ….

What do you think?


(*) OK, the UN has an office leading this: http://www.un-spider.org/about-us/news/en/6730/2013-07-08t121300/emercom-joins-forces-us-federal-emergency-management-agency

And the Russians wrote about this as well: http://en.mchs.ru/news/item/434203/


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