Why governments overspend


There are many factors in governments overspending. And I will only focus on a couple of the bigger issues. And I will focus on the US government.

One, they can.

Two, they are buying votes.

Third, they sometimes think massive debt is doing their banking friends a favor.

Fourth, they don’t have to pay the debt.

Fifth, they are dishonest.

Sixth, they are performing work that governments should not do. Commerce? Since when is the government a business? Businesses make a profit, not a loss. Governments are ALWAYS loss generators, they are NOT INVESTORS.

Can you think of more reasons?



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2 Responses to Why governments overspend

  1. eat0005 says:

    So very true that the government buys votes. They buy the votes of producers, then subsidize their industries, which causes them to spend even more. Thanks for sharing!

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