Калина красная (1974) The Red Snoball Tree

OK Friends, 

To enjoy this film, you have to understand a little about the culture and
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OK, I admit 90% of my ‘Russian’ Friends live in the USA …. But, this film has such a feel of what it must have been like in the 1970’s USSR to it,

In fact, I think I have seen the same buses used in this film.


YOU MUST watch it.

OK, you don’t have to. But, if you don’t …. I cannot think of an appropriate threat, because I am too sick. That is why I only watched the first few minutes.


I am SICK!

American food is killing me, and it WILL kill you.

OK, back to the movie.

I will give a review of it later (I have not seen it yet).

But, the basic story is simple, the lead character gets out of jail, he goes to his old life, and he gets chased away by the police. And everyone else he knew. Accept for his brother.

So, he goes to the only place left for him. He goes to this wilderness village, OK, they do have a tea room and communal hot baths. And there he meets his pen-pal, love interest.

OK, simple enough. However, the author, director (and lead character) does a great job of increasing TENSION in the plot.

Imagine that? A plot without drugs, sex, and rock and roll?

And a little important background: His love interest in the movie was his wife in real life.

And he died the year after finishing his final film ….

It is a really good look at Russia in the 1970’s.

I think.

What do you think?



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7 Responses to Калина красная (1974) The Red Snoball Tree

  1. Wayne says:

    Reblogged this on luvsiesous and commented:

    That is FUNNY!

    Someone – a single one of my readers – just looked at my old blog on this movie. And just two days ago, I was talking with a new friend about how much I loved this movie!!!

    It is old fashioned. But, it is so much like the Ukraine I see once I get away from the Big City.

    And, it is a little like the Big City.



  2. time4russian says:

    I agree with you Wayne, the atmosphere in the film is so true to life, and it still feels very Russian even though we’re not in the Soviet Union anymore 🙂

  3. joesix says:

    I prefer “Nu, Pogodi!”

    • Wayne says:


      The wolf is black. There must be something going on!

      Turning on progressive activist mode ….


      I think that is a clever adaptation of road-runner ….

      But, I still am enjoying the red snowball tree ….

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