Gay gropes men at Denver Airport


I have told you, and I have warned you.

The gay agenda is not nice and friendly. If they were, they would police this kind of behavior to protect their image.

But, just now CNN reported two security officers set up their scanner machine to allow the gay man to grope male passengers.

Pull the gays out of the security service – Government wants US vulnerable, but do we need to be subjected to gays groping US?

Huffington Post’s Article

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7 Responses to Gay gropes men at Denver Airport

  1. Is this a problem truly worthy of your concern, Wayne? This case is one man behaving unlawfully, and they can’t even identify a victim, since no passenger actually complained. He was busted by his co-worker, and the two employees involved got fired. There are more than 50,000 TSA screeners. Your chance of having something stolen from your luggage is substantially higher than your likelihood of getting “groped”. 30k incidents of items missing from checked bags 2010-2014.

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your comment.

      I fly. So, yes, I and all normal men (and women) should be concerned.

      Is this as big a problem as ISIS is in the ME? No.

      But, we seem to be unable to stop ISIS. We can, and we should, stop gays from being able to grope Citizens.

      Shouldn’t we? Or, do you want Americans groped illegally? I think from your response you actually agree with me.


      • No, I don’t want anyone touched inappropriately. In that I do agree with you. But this is one guy, and the crime would be exactly the same if it had been a heterosexual doing patdowns for a fraudulent reason. The correct action was already taken. The “lone groper” has been stopped.

      • Wayne says:

        We agree.

        You may agree this is probably a larger problem than just a ‘lone groper.’

        I think you would disagree with me on this: I believe the pat downs should be done by heterosexuals of their same sex – physical sex, not ‘self identified.

        Thank you again!


      • Since I already get more radiation at work than the average member of the public, I always opt for the patdown instead of the scanner. It takes about 30 seconds. I can’t see how anyone could get much sexual gratification from it. Personally I don’t care if a man or woman does it, nor what their sexual orientation is, since it’s touching that I don’t consider sexual in nature.

        I get that you don’t enjoy contemplating the extraordinarily remote possibility that a gay TSA agent (with criminal intent) might grope you, Wayne. In response I’m saying “never gonna happen”.

      • Wayne says:

        I hope you are correct.

        And I can understand the radiation at work threat. Still respect your work choice.


    • Thank you for being a rational human being, Invisible Mikey.

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