Gays will not bake cakes for Christians


A Christian Pastor asked a gay bakery to bake a cake that stated something about not supporting gay marriage.

The Pastor posted the video.

The gay bakery says they now ‘fear’ and are suing, and they are asking the FBI to call this a hate crime.

I warned this was coming. I warned that the damage the gays had done to the Priesthood (Catholic) was just a start.

I warned the gay agenda was fulfilling Romans Chapter 1.

And now, we Christians will be persecuted here in the US for calling attention to the sin of our country.

My family came here to escape this insanity. We built a great and godly country.

God blessed US.

I am ashamed at what some people are doing to our country.

I still pray God will bless the USA. But, for how much longer?

Pastor asked gay bakery to bake a cake.


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4 Responses to Gays will not bake cakes for Christians

  1. you and your freaking “gay agenda” WHAT AGENDAAAAA???????? We don’t have an agenda. You make us sound like secret agents on some sort of a mission! There’s no gay agenda, Wayne. I feel like you hate me….

    • Wayne says:


      I do not hate you. But, over the last 20 years, I have watched your non-agenda change US into a new culture. You can deny that, and you can blame me.

      But, I did not change. Most of US have not changed.

      So, who changed?

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. You’re leaving out an important detail; Ms. Haller (the shop owner) is claiming that she’s receiving negative reviews and threatening phone calls from people who do not agree with her. Ironically, this is similar behavior to those people who negatively reacted to the pizzeria in Indiana.

    • Wayne says:

      Ironically. We agree on something.

      But, the Atheistic LGBT agenda started this round of aggression, and the people targeting her never said they were Christian.

      And since so many of our people have been attacked by the LGBT community, what makes you think these are not victims lashing out?


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