1.3 Trillion Dollars on Welfare.

Welfare spending revisited.

Friends, Since I wrote this just over a year ago, the Federal Budget increased its spending 15%. I assume that is a 2 year budget, maybe part of 3 year, spread. But, even at 5% a year, that is 4% above inflation, and 4% above wage increases ….

Friends, That is SCARY. We need to get the Budget under control. They are outspending our ability to earn more tax money.

NOTE: We must earn money BEFORE it can be taxed.

And I need to add what I consider an important point.

Am I right?




This blog is for me as well as for you. [Updated, 7 April 2014] [And Dec 2014]

Finding the real data is difficult. Very difficult. Even the supposed ‘conservatives’ bury the data inside of other data.

OK, for an overview. There is $1.03 Trillion in general welfare spending, plus $52 Billion spent on SSI *, plus $200 Billion spent by the states on Medicaid **.

So, it looks like $1.3 trillion being spent on Welfare, out of $3.537.

More than one third.

It is always difficult to remember what spending falls under which program – I think even the ‘experts’ forget. And it is possible I am double counting Medicaid – it is difficult to find real numbers. But, Medicaid is paid under Medicare, so, I think I am not double billing.

And this is missing quite a lot of money spent at the state and local…

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