Our problems are found in a baby diaper


Some of my posts are deep. One or two have surprised me – you guys love some posts that I thought would never be loved by others.

But, I did some thinking a few minutes ago, as I fall asleep waiting for the sun to rise.

And then it dawned on me. Our problems are found in a baby diaper.

Literally, and figuratively.

I won’t spell all of the problems out, yet. I do need sleep.

Imagine this.

You are standing in a crowded restaurant. I walk out of the men’s room with a sack. I approach you, and say, “Would you you hold this for me?”

I hand you the sack, and I keep walking.

Now, before we open the sack. Let US deal with what just happened.

The contents of our sack is for our next blog.

What I did was an un-common thing. I intentionally surprised you. You subconsciously took the sack. It was automatic. It was reflex.

And that is the first of many problems we will look at. But, I think it is a major problem.

In easy terms, “I used you.”

Like a psychiatrist, I knew you would take the bag if I ‘politely’ just handed you the sack. I knew it would leave you stuck thinking, “Now what do I do?”

Later, we deal with the contents. But for now, let US look at two comments.

But, realize that is exactly what Pelosi did when she famously said, “We have pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it.”

When Gruber told people about “the stupidity of the American voter.”

He knew what he was saying was wrong, but he was intentionally leading people he spoke to. He intentionally led them to believe we are stupid, and our stupidity gave them the right to abuse our trust.

Our leaders are using US.

Not because we are stupid, but because they are abusing US with psychological tricks and ploys. Stunts.

What do you think so far?



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2 Responses to Our problems are found in a baby diaper

  1. I’ll set the sack on fire and put it on my ex’s doorstep. Problem solved.

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