I bet Russia will use Nukes


Last night I bet $50 Russia would use tactical nukes. It was one of those spur of the moment joking things.

A young man at the Whataburger asked me what I thought the craziest thing would be to happen in Ukraine. I answered, “Russia using tactical nuclear weapons.”

He said, “I bet you $50.”

Here is the eerie article I just read: “Russian generals plan to nuke their greatest enemy – The United States.

Friends and readers, this is not the ‘Cold War.’ The Russo-Ukrainian war is very much a hot war. Russia has several maneuver divisions in Ukraine. They have lost a LOT of soldiers. And Russia is becoming desperate to win. And to win quickly.

It has always been part of Russia’s Battle Plan to use tactical nukes when outnumbered – think China – or losing badly – think Ukraine winning. Now Russia is adding Strategic Nuclear Delivery back in when we ‘officially’ have been moving towards peace.

Either Russia, her Generals, and her leaders have gone crazy, or US leaders have gone crazy, or somewhere in between.

I bet on in between.

While we have been told that Obama was cutting defense spending because of ‘peace gains,’ in the background, I believe Obama was specifically complaining about Russia.

I believe Obama asked Democracy Organizations to investigate and encourage overthrowing the Russian Government.

And I believe in reaction to that, Russia has considered democracy movements in Russia a direct threat to their sovereignty. And they are now acting in accordance with what they believe is their only option.

And this war option is escalating.

Please pray for peace.



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3 Responses to I bet Russia will use Nukes

  1. This is where knowing a little history can help with trying to understand current events. I pretty much think your fears of battlefield nukes being used anywhere in the world is a long shot at best. The Russians have had those things for as long as we have and since WW2 they’ve had many opportunities to use them but obviously did not. You might remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, or at least the historical accounts of it. At the time the use of Soviet battlefield nukes was given to local Cuban commanders.. in the event the Americans invaded Cuba to grab/destroy the Soviet missiles… a totally shocking and risky thing to do, but quite understandable. If you think about it, what did the Soviets have to loose? It wouldn’t be their country blown to radioactive bits at the discretion of some Cuban commander in the field. But there never was an opportunity to use them anyway.

    Then the Ruskies had their little Vietnam-like war in Afghanistan (way before we got there) for ten+ years. They never used them there. Then there was the military responses in Chechnya, Kazakhstan, and now Ukraine. No, no one is likely going to use battlefield nukes anytime soon. Who wants to win a war using those things then have to clean up that radioactive and infrastructure mess afterwards, even if the effects are very localized compared to a bomb. Russia is in no way being cornered into using them as an only way out.

    Secondly, that article that has given you some concern… you have to consider who wrote it and who was quoting it and where it was originally published. That all makes a difference in determining if something in print is credible or not. First off the article was originated on Interfax.ru, a Russia news site. Always consider the source. Common sense would suggest that this Russian inspector general is revealing nothing really new. In our military war games the “enemy” on the field of battle is still Russia because they are the only one’s capable of sending nukes our way and fielding a mechanized military. Just because the Soviet Union collapsed and Cold War tensions have somewhat vanished… and there’s a lot of U.S. businesses over there, does not mean our military should look the other way. It makes good strategic sense for us to continue to “watch” them and it makes good logical sense that they have military plans to watch us… with their own “what if” scenarios.

    The Ukraine thing will likely escalate, tensions will rise, but there is no threat of either us or the Russians feeling so pressed to the wall that they feel their only survival is introducing battlefield nukes into the equation just to blow the hell out of the Ukraine. There’s nothing to worry about regarding the use of any nukes. You lost your bet, I’m afraid.

    • Wayne says:


      Since I know what a boomer is, it mike make sense that I am taking all of that into consideration.

      Do I think it is 99% probable – no.

      Do I think the possibility is greater today than it has been since Nagasaki?


      I am seeing way to many ‘indicators.’ Someone, something has SCARED Russia. And when scared, Russians back up and fight to the death. Ask Napoleon and Adolf.

      Does that clarify?


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