Let us empower women to be woman!


As you may have noticed I enjoy studying some unusual subject and some common ones. I LOVE Science. I even love Science when I think the author is nuts but interesting. I enjoy blogging on social justice issues, evolutionary forces, and of course relationships – sociology ….

I spent months in the Former Soviet Union. [And I once thought, I would never say that without becoming a POW.]

I noticed that women there behave as a woman. Stereotypes can get you in trouble, but they are great for examining similarities ….

In the part of the FSU I was in, a woman was expected to be a woman. This is because women are responsible for the family. A man provides for his family and a woman protects her family.

And I noticed, they were (ARE) happy. Yes, social problems from the west are entering into their culture, and they do not like that. But, for the most part, they live on next to nothing and are happy. I will say that again, most people were happy to live in what, we in America, call poverty. The average income is less that $7,000 a year. And it is not uncommon for a family of 3 or 4 to live on that happily. Our impoverished families of 4 live on about 3 times that much and have IPhones ….

And our families are not so happy.

So, what if we added a measurable area to our empowerment of woman …. instead of saying a woman “must break through the glass ceiling” in order to be equal …. Can’t we empower women to seek out their true happiness? Can’t we empower women being happy as a woman?

Why do we try to make women into ‘man.’

We know that women enjoy family and relationships more than men do …. Ironically, most men enjoyed relationships in the FSU …. Why can’t a little girl be happy with her Barbie dolls pretending to have a family? Why can’t a mother be told that she can be happy being a stay at home mother? [That is, besides the sky high cost of living today?]

Why can’t a woman be happy working? If that is what she wants to do?

That is the way it was in the 1960’s …. you know, before woman was liberated from the chains which bind her ….

It is sad to see the stark difference between womanhood here and in the FSU …. Former Soviet Union.

Can we reverse the damage? Or, should we give up all hope for American women being truly happy? Can we take a step back to when women were able to do so much more, just because they were women?


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4 Responses to Let us empower women to be woman!

  1. Matt says:

    I’m with you 100% on this one. I’m perfectly cool with women entering the workforce, having careers, etc…if that’s what they want to do with their life. I just think it’s really sad that our culture is basically telling women, “if you respect yourself, you’ll pursue your career first and your family second.”

    Somehow society has managed to stigmatize the most important job of all: staying home to raise a family. Like you mentioned, we’re seeing the tragic consequences all around us.

  2. annaeneumann says:

    I suggest you tread lightly when attempting to define what constitutes a woman. Rather bold move for a man.

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your answer!

      I dream of a day when women are able to be a woman. A woman who is happy and proud of who she is. A happy and proud woman makes a great partner for a great man.

      Why is my wanting the American woman being a fulfilled woman bold?

      Why has America devolved to a point that this is a bold statement?

      I want women in my life. And I want them to be HAPPY!



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