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Change written by Eleanor

Originally posted on eleanor stenner photography:
Sin is destructive. Human desires are impure. I’ve been thinking this week about areas in my life that I must change for the sake of my Christian witness, and for the sake of glorifying the…

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Are many blacks racists?

Friends, This article: Roland Martin’s Article is about how black people discriminate against the darker black people. OK. I am just another Anglo guy trying to understand this craziness. Why does Martin know about all of the terminology? How is … Continue reading

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What a beautiful day!

Friends, Mothers’ Day was beautiful. Everyone got to celebrate our mothers in a garden like Eden. It was awesome. Bar-B-Q all around, and some great salsa …. yep, I made the salsa …. and everyone was impressed!!! We had games … Continue reading

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What is child abuse?

Friends, I told you it was full moon.  I cannot count the number of people parking in handicapped parking ….. Parking lot after parking lot was almost empty, but people would park in the handicapped, pretend to limp four or … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Mrs. Romney celebrated?

Friends, It is sad that modern ‘feminism’ does not respect full-time mothers. The comments made about Mrs Romney almost show that. What really shows that? Mrs. Clinton. She was a stay at home mom for much of Bill’s career. In … Continue reading

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What do women want?

Friends, Do you remember the romantic comedy? I enjoyed most of the movie. But, I will never forget thinking, “This is NOT real life. Maybe it is real life for a movie star. But, normal people do not live like … Continue reading

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Are women afraid of good men?

Friends, I have heard so many different reasons given.  I have heard everything from “They don’t feel they deserve a good man,” to “You are not looking in the right places.” First, I am reading up on FBI files for … Continue reading

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Let us empower women to be woman!

Friends, As you may have noticed I enjoy studying some unusual subject and some common ones. I LOVE Science. I even love Science when I think the author is nuts but interesting. I enjoy blogging on social justice issues, evolutionary … Continue reading

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