Why did Russia send empty aid trucks?


Pretend you are in a Gulf Coast city after a hurricane. Ask yourself this, “The government sent 300 aid trucks with supplies that would have fit in 20 trucks. Why did they waste all of those trucks?”

What would you think next?

“Stupid government?” Possible, but unlikely.

“They forgot to put something in them?” More likely.

“They will fill the remaining 280 trucks after they get past the inspectors?”

Now. Now we are getting closer to reality.

What did Russia plan on putting in the trucks after they leave the inspectors?

Well, the trucks have some food. All armies need four things – beans, bullets, manpower, and fuel.

These trucks are the wrong kind for fuel.

That leaves bullets and manpower.

So, that only leaves how many? And of course the one other possibility, were they planning on bringing out manpower from Ukraine, or take it in?

What do you think?



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