Ferguson is out of control


We need to pray for peace in Ferguson, Missouri.

Another shooting. Another night of riots, fire bombs, police shootings …. and mayhem.

All of this after liberals blamed all the unrest on the local police department.


This is much more than just anger about Michael Brown being shot last week.

Think about it. No one in their right mind would be protesting, so they could be shot. They are not going out and saying to themselves, “I want to get shot.”

Instead the protests are about much deeper problems than our liberal elite want to admit.

For years now, the liberals have used the black community for their political gain. The liberal elite have gotten rich, and the black community has struggled.

Forget the fact that a young black man has a better chance of going to jail than he does of finding a job, he also has a better chance of being murdered by his local drug gangs.

So, when a young black man gets killed by chance, by mistake, by the police? You have outrage at the machine. The liberal machine has bred the anger, and I do not think the liberal machine has any real idea about what to do.

Do you?



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