Cosmological inflation proven

OK, as in all things scientific, there is a caveat, ‘they say’ it has been proven. And it is always fact until it is disproven.

But, this is interesting.

Especially since, CBR (Cosmic Background Radiation) happened 380,000 years after the expansion period ….

Let me give you their web pages and then put their data together. The first article. And the second article indicating CBR happened 380,000 years after inflation. The second article was linked in the first article.

Others date the CMB event at around 500,000 years.

Ironically, the article made another glaring error. There are different sizes defined for the expansion of the Universe, just as there are differing dates. While most present an atom sized to a marble sized expansion of the Universe during inflation, some present a grain of sand to the size of our Solar System, and at least one other model I have read gave the inflation as expanding from about a marble to the size of the Milky Way Galaxy.

They claim the inflation was less than 1/100th of a second. However, no matter which model is used, if the inflation had run for about 20 minutes, the entire Universe would have been filled.

So, for those who claim that God could not have created the Universe in a day …. see the previous paragraph.

OK, if CBR happened 280k to 500k years after inflation, how did the ‘mark’ from inflation linger around to change the CBR?

What do you think?



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2 Responses to Cosmological inflation proven

  1. I read about this story too, and it’s fascinating. I don’t have enough credential in those branches of science to take sides myself, but it’s very interesting to wonder about. I never have had a problem accepting the hypothesis (until data becomes available) that God (whatever God is) lit the fuse for the initial kaboom, and that it may have been a very rapid expansion. My objections are in opposition to positions like “Earth is only 7,000 years old”, when we have cut down trees and counted way more rings than that. Some methods for dating very old things, like radio carbon for geologic fossils, are only accurate to within millenia. But we don’t have completely accurate methods for dating time of death in a murder case either. Everything continues to be under review in order to improve methodology by experimentation.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      I agree. Our science is still so limited, but we make claims that must be accepted as fact. But the facts change almost daily.

      I know that consistency is what I like about the Young Earth Creation Theory.

      But, I feel that the Earth is much older. When was Creation? 10 tya? 10 mya? 13.8 bya?

      I feel the age of Earth, or Universe, are distractions from the marvel we do see around us ….

      I wish everyone held the creation in marvel and protected it.


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