Why are so many people angry about Ferguson?


If you have not heard about Michael being shot to death in Ferguson, I would be surprised.

I have a lot of friends on both sides of the discussion.

And while a few of my friends are the recipients of ‘white privilege,’ most of my friends are people who have earned what they have.

And there is one of the main reasons there is anger about this shooting death. It was just 10 years ago, most of US could work our way up from poverty, through the middle class, and on to wealth.

That part of the American dream was outsourced …. And people in Ferguson have been hit hard by the bait and switch politics.

And there is the problem that is so difficult to fix.

Our political system is so broken. And no one wants to actually fix it. Instead they want the system to give them something at the expense of everyone else.

Now people in Ferguson are saying, “We want our problems fixed!”

They are tired of waiting.

Yes, there are cultural issues, there is also the race issue. But, the real problem is that America is breaking down.

For too many years, progressives have imported Muslims and exported American jobs.

People are tired of left overs, they are tired of hand me down economy. They are tired of welfare.

They want a hand up, not a hand out.

Can we fix the underlying problems?

I believe we can only fix things if we return to God.

What do you think?



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4 Responses to Why are so many people angry about Ferguson?

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  2. Wayne, you’re a thoughtful person, but the folks upset in Ferguson aren’t Muslims. 67% black in that suburb, and 50 0f 53 police are white. They can’t relate. It isn’t possible. Police forces must represent a reflection of their own communities. Six shots to an unarmed man? Didn’t he have a baton, or a taser, or pepper spray? Scared, sure, but still excessive force.

    • Wayne says:

      Great comment.

      I agree.


    • Wayne says:


      I missed your comment.

      Thank you for your comment. And yes, 90% white police officers in a 67% black community is difficult to manage. But the police in the area have said it is difficult for them to hire Black police officers, because blacks do not want to become police.

      I wish there was an easier way, a better way.


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