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Why does the Dept of State need a ‘science advisor?’

Friends, Do any of you know why State would need an advisor about science? #USASEANCC And why does their ‘tag’ spell seanc[e] instead of ‘science?’ Wayne

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Top U.S. diplomat launches f-bomb on EU in leaked recorded conversation

Friends, The more I live in Ukraine, and the more I write about the freedom movement, the more western ‘diplomats’ scare me. Why are ‘diplomats’ working against the will of the people? What do they expect to gain? Why aren’t … Continue reading

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US prepares to make a mistake in Syria.

Readers, We should pray for our President, and his State Department. Everything I am hearing is indicating we will soon make a major mistake in Syria. Iran is poised to counter attack. But, it seems Obama has gotten his ego … Continue reading

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I just wrote about Egypt’s …. un-civil-war

Friends, Pray for the Middle East. Didn’t I just write about Egypt? From what I see we have several groups encouraging violence, and it will probably get much worse. First, the evil one is encouraging violence, and you see that … Continue reading

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If you are traveling, be careful.

Friends, Fellow travelers, and readers, al-Qaeda has America scared. CNN. I don’t what it is, but the State Department is running around in circles. I pray this does not mean they will detain Americans, instead of detaining the terrorists. Do … Continue reading

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Since the UN controls US, who controls them?

Friends, There is no easy way to say this, Democracy is dying in America and the world. More and more decisions are made by government employees, and often the two big employers are the US State Department and the UN. … Continue reading

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Why is the US supporting Syria?

I have said this, I cannot make this up. After threatening to send military force into Syria, the US has sent money to the regime. US is paying Syrian COPS. Why? Why does our State Department lie, cheat, and steal? … Continue reading

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