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Friends With Benefits: Does it Work?

Friends, Here is a slightly opposing view. And in our fellow bloggers view, friends with benefits ends up with a lot of jealousy. I think the jealousy is because we naturally desire deeper commitments …. we do not want, and … Continue reading

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The Sexual Revolution

Anyone? Can you tell me how the sexual revolution is ‘good’ for people? And so you know, I have wanted to write about this for some of my Ukrainian friends for some time. It seems in Russia and Ukraine, they … Continue reading

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Sex, Drugs, & rock and roll

Do you remember the old days? When Rock and Roll was king? Sex and drugs sold everything? It seems much dirtier now than it was described back then. Doesn’t it? Don’t the rich, elite hollywood types focus more on the … Continue reading

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The Blogosphere

Eventually, I will write everything you ever wanted to know about blogging. OK, almost everything. Do you remember MySpace?  Do you remember Stephanie Faris, you remember her?  She was the cute blond from Tennessee?  Well, Stephanie got married …. WHAT? … Continue reading

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