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Americans are the richest in the world

Friends, This blog post is in response to Roubini’s crazy article claiming ‘income inequality’ was the root of the Baltimore riots this last week. That article is here. I blogged about inequality before. And you can find more here. By … Continue reading

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Poverty in America is rich everywhere else.

Friends, I have blogged about this topic before. And I will link back to that article. [I am still looking through my old posts. I didn’t know I had that many.] But, this focus is a little different than my … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Burst Updates:
CBS: “A new study has found that 38 percent of employers will lay workers off if the minimum wage is increased as President Barack Obama has proposed. Express Employment Professionals, the nation’s largest privately held…

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Food stamps in pictures

Food stamps in pictures

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How to solve America’s debt problem?

Friends, I can solve our debt problem in moments. We could send someone back in time to stop Clinton from giving our jobs to China in return for a $10 million campaign contribution …. Or, we can do some simple … Continue reading

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