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Pedophiles are evil

Friends, How is it that tens of thousands of pedophiles are able to use encryption to hide from law authorities? BBC Report. Why do the progressives help the evil pedophiles hide? Why don’t progressives protect children? That is what I … Continue reading

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The face of a gay pedophile

Friends, I have been told there is no such thing. And this is a horrid topic, so if you cannot deal with the existence of gay pedophiles, you really do not want to look at the face of a gay … Continue reading

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Woody Allen and a spotlight on shadows

Originally posted on Working on Creative Chaos:
Before I begin, I want to say that if you or someone you know has been or is being sexually assaulted or abused, please call the confidential crisis line at 1800656HOPE. this is…

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Teachers’ Union forces rapists upon students.

I will try to remain civil about this, but this angers me. Teachers’ Union opposes bill to bar sex offenders from school jobs with students. OK, reality check. WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO THE BOATS FIRST. It is an age old … Continue reading

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