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Why is Europe subsidizing Russian aggression?

Friends, Why is Europe subsidizing Russian aggression? I have mentioned this before, and often I get told simply Ukraine should pay more than Europe even though fuel deliveries to Europe cost more than to Ukraine. Well. Now someone else is … Continue reading

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US Navy prepares to deliver new fuel

Friends, The US Navy has developed a new fuel which they can make while at sea. This would be a game changer. Of course, as you read their article, you notice that the fuel will cost between $3 and $6 … Continue reading

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Everyone, We sometimes think America is the only world power. We are not. Not even close. China is one huge country. I wrote about their grab for oil some time back, and I would like to point out how China … Continue reading

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Why does Canada use so much OIL?

I am researching how far down American energy consumption has dropped compared to the world. And what do I find? Canada uses 10% more oil per person than the US does. OK? WHY? And I ask that seriously, why would … Continue reading

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