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Einstein told Moses what to write in Genesis

Friends, There is a never ending debate between Evolution and Christianity. Honestly? Some Christians think that they are Evolutionists, and this debate does not involve them. BUT, I have discussed this with MANY Atheist Evolutionists, even some of the ‘Big … Continue reading

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Science, or Ignorance?

Friends, As you know, I study Evolution and Creation.  Science fascinates me, always has.  And that was a main reason I became Agnostic for years.  But, then I READ what ‘Scientists’ actually wrote, I began to realize, there was a … Continue reading

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There really was a flood

Friends, One of the problems I have with scientific evolution is the absence of science. First I was told there was no flood, then I was told Moses borrowed the story, and now? BBC story on swimming pools. I find … Continue reading

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