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Medicine is the (a) leading cause of death

Friends, As I looked over my blog, I noticed that I did not reference the research behind my Iatrogenesis post. I may have linked it elsewhere, but I will link to some research here. First, this report goes into great … Continue reading

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I hate being SICK!

And unfortunately, I am stuck with being sick. My back is crazy again, there is nothing more fun than waking up because electricity just ignited your lower back. It has been awhile since I had a full spinal shock at … Continue reading

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What is iatrogenesis? And why isn’t it the most common word in politics?

Friends, I had a friend post on FaceBook about a politically motivated advertisement. Ironically, the ad did NOT point out what iatrogenesis is. It did allude to it. Iatrogenesis means that more people die from it than from cigarettes. More … Continue reading

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