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WHEW! What a week.

Readers, There are those weeks, and then there are those weeks! My back went crazy. Not fun at all. But, also the world seemed to go crazy. Didn’t it? Whether it was the Muslim Brotherhood and their un-Civil-War in Egypt, … Continue reading

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Is Kaitlyn Hunt’s girlfriend her victim?

Readers and Friends, How do we define our laws? How do we decide what is moral? And how do we apply that to Kailyn Hunt? For months, the media, and the public relations bandwagon have rolled on about how Kaitlyn … Continue reading

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Kaitlyn Hunt’s ‘Girlfriend’

Friends and Readers, This whole “Stop the Hate Free Kate” is absurd. Regardless of how you try to paint this ‘predator,’ she is still a predator. And her victim was barely in High School. They list the victim as C.S. … Continue reading

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