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Happy Easter!

Friends, I hope and pray you are having a GREAT Easter. Remember, Jesus Rose. He rose indeed. Wayne

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Why did God create you?

Friends, Earlier today, I spoke with a woman who had just moved from Houston to Madisonville. She moved to find herself. To leave the life in Houston that was not going in a good direction. And to find a better … Continue reading

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3 steps to finding God’s will

Friends, I just met one of our new sisters in Christ. And I discussed these important points, and some more points. But, there are 3 steps to finding God’s will. Very simple steps. First step, examine if something will bring … Continue reading

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3 things wrong in America.

Friends, I have an interesting family. Historically, my family is American. I am a mix of several backgrounds and races. A small amount of Native American & French with an equal mix of English and Scot. My family was all … Continue reading

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I do love Jesus

Friends, You know I do not blog on Religion much. Unfortunately, the gay agenda and Evolution take up most of my writing time, and then comes politics and Science. And being sick, etc. But, just so you do know, I … Continue reading

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I do love Jesus.

Readers, My blog is “Luvs Iesous.” Using the silly English ‘Luvs’ for ‘Loves’ and the Greek name ‘Iesous’ for ‘Jesus.’ Knowing Jesus brings me joy even during the pains of life. And I suffer more than I wish I did. … Continue reading

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Why is there so much hate?

Have you noticed how crazy it seems to be getting? Wars, shootings, race baiting? Why is there so much hate? Well, I will give you my simple answer, and then explain a little more. Simple answer, we have turned away … Continue reading

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Logic, Evolution, or Modern America?

Now, I know I get a lot of feedback about how accurate Evolution is. But, IMHO, Evolution is more faith than believing in God is. God, in the big scheme of things, will only be proven once I am dead. … Continue reading

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I want to be in the White House.

The only three places in history I would want to be a fly on the wall are The Big Bang. I might get singed. The upper room when Jesus appeared to his disciples. I would know a lot of what … Continue reading

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