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Updated live cam of Costa Concordia

This cam is still operating, the better cam at Reuter’s went off line. Web Cam.  Refreshes occasionally. Time lapsed recovery. From the Telegraph. BBC coverage. NOTE how the ship was almost crushed in half laying on the sea bottom. As … Continue reading

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Phoenix, the Concordia has risen.

OK, she is not floating. But, she has been righted and in that sense risen. Her left side is one dirty mess.  Like a swipe made by a mythical creature leaving slime across her bow, she sets there in disgrace … Continue reading

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Live web cam and news for Ship Costa Concordia.

[Updated – HA!  THEY GOT ME.  After two and a half hours, the Concordia FINALLY looks like it has actually moved.  As I noted below, the news conference said this would take about 12 hours.] WOW. This was hard to … Continue reading

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What about Amanda Knox?

Are you confused by Amanda Knox?  What do I call this?  Is it a case, murder, student, victim? It is one of those things that make you go, what a waste of news time.  Except the life of a young girl … Continue reading

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