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How do we get peace in Ukraine?

Friends, How do we get peace in Ukraine? The US State Department gambled bringing wars for democracy to the ME would be good for everyone. I think ISIS in Iraq and Syria and all out war in Libya have shown … Continue reading

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ISIS murders hundreds of Iraqi soldiers

Friends, Sunday, ISIS slaughtered 400 to 500 Iraqi soldiers at an isolated military base. The ISIS pierced the base’s defenses in multiple locations. Several groups of Iraqi soldiers fought their way through the terrorists. About 50% of those soldiers got … Continue reading

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Why don’t the liberals want to talk about Black men dying to keep US safe?

Friends, We enter a new week with unrest in Ferguson, Missouri after the death of Michael Brown. Two weeks on, we might finally have peace in the midwest. But, two years on, all the liberals want to do is forget … Continue reading

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War?! What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing. Say it again. WAR! Well, I love that song, and I love the lyrics. But, while you and I believe war is worthless, Liberal governments LOVE WAR. NO, not the ‘warmongers’ on the Right, but the ‘warmongers’ on … Continue reading

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A soldier fights to get a battle buddy back from Iraq

Originally posted on CNN Security Clearance:
By Jake Tapper and Eric Marrapodi It is military creed that you do not leave your battle buddies behind. But in many ways the U.S. government is doing just that. Thousands of Iraqi and…

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Did President Obama authorize foreign troops on US soil?

OK, This is crazy, and I will try to simplify it. urbanlegends.about.com Russian-Troops-To-Be-Deployed-On-US-Soil. OK, I heard about this. And I thought, that is crazy. I checked it out, and both urbanlegends, and snopes say that it is false, Is it … Continue reading

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What is war good for?

Do you remember that old song? Well, it is not good for much, but war is here to stay. And why is it that the Democrats started Vietnam War (undeclared police action). And now they want to go to war … Continue reading

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Is Iran buying nuclear weapons from the same people Iraq was?

Readers, This news article is bizarre. BBC reported Iranian agents were trying to buy almost weapons grade uranium from the same source they said Iraq (Saddam Hussein) was buying uranium from. Who were the Iranian agents? The USA. I really … Continue reading

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The media is quiet as hundreds of al-Qaeda escape.

At least the Russians write about it. The media was quick last week to talk about 2 top al-Qaeda killed in Pakistan. But, not so quick on the 500 senior al-Qaeda who escaped from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Yes, … Continue reading

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