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China pollutes California

Friends, I hate being right, but I have said this for a long time. “We know that the efficiency of industry in China is not as it is good in the U.S.,” Wuebbles said. Higher efficiency of U.S. manufacturing, combined … Continue reading

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Lightbulbs Back in the Omnibus Bill

Originally posted on JunkScience.com:
Clarice Feldman, regular columnist on Sunday at American Thinker, goes over the important items in the new budget. Glad someone read through it, it actually has some good news. A little tease. Other items are…

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The ignored green engine

Have you ever heard of the Sterling engine? It is an old, and simple engine designed to run on heat, usually WASTED heat. The Seebeck devices are similar, but use ‘electronics’ to achieve a similar result. The Sterling is just … Continue reading

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