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What did your grandfather teach you?

Friends, What did you learn from your ancestors? Probably not much past your grandparents, but what did they teach you? Was it only about being loved, and spoiled? Or did they teach you about life, work, love, God, government, right … Continue reading

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Gay media attacks Russia’s pro-children laws.

Doesn’t that sound like what every one should support? Shouldn’t we support pro-children laws? So, why did CNN write their headline this way? Yelena Isinbayeva defends Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law. So, why did they call it ‘anti?’ Because they are … Continue reading

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Do I have to love the ‘Daily Prompt?’

OK, I see this Daily Prompt in two different ways, first the slap in the face of ‘what are you really asking,’ and second, the reality between me and most people. “If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic … Continue reading

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Why did being American change?

You might have noticed some of the comments. So, I ask. Can anyone tell me why they are changing America? Why did being American change its meaning? I have one of those beautiful family histories. We were called traitors, isn’t … Continue reading

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Before America? There was?

OK, I have to say this, I am Patriotic. I did not have to swear to protect the Constitution in order to gain Patriotism, Patriotism runs in my families DNA. But, America has been here less than 250 years. And … Continue reading

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Why did America turn gay?

Can anyone tell me why? Or, are you reading this for me to break it down for you? If your search engine search brought you here, you may not have been one of the over a thousand people who read … Continue reading

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