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Greedy Democrats demand money

Friends, Sometimes politics scares me. Whenever we raise the good of small groups above the greater good of all people, we buy and sell opportunity. And we steal opportunity from others to pay for what we give to the small … Continue reading

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Democrat attacks homeless, CNN covers up …

Friends, CNN is really getting old, why can’t they report the NEWS? CNN Article. A Democratic Representative goes around attacking homeless people and destroying their ‘homes.’ But, CNN won’t tell us the Representative is part of the Democratic Party? Why … Continue reading

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Illegal aliens are NOT Mexicans.

I have said this for years. I told two people this today. But, the Democrats want us to think Illegal Immigrants are Mexicans, they choose to blame Mexicans, so they can import their illegal Muslim ‘friends.’ Mexicans make up 52% … Continue reading

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Why did being American change?

You might have noticed some of the comments. So, I ask. Can anyone tell me why they are changing America? Why did being American change its meaning? I have one of those beautiful family histories. We were called traitors, isn’t … Continue reading

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Did a Democrat really lead America?

Friends, I know there are all sorts of conspiracy theories out there. And I will return to that in a moment. But, did a Democrat really say this: “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do … Continue reading

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