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Putting people to work

Friends, Sometimes, the people over at Daily Post for WordPress ask an interesting question. Today they asked what my ‘Great Expectations are for this year. Well. I don’t think my expectations are truly great this year. But, I will put … Continue reading

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Really? Read my blog if you want to know me.

I started laughing when I read today’s ‘daily prompt.’ Daily Prompt. They ask me to reflect on why I write, and what I write about, and how all of that reflects upon me. Read my blog and get back to … Continue reading

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Out of time?

Every time I got back to the US, I am out of time, out of place in time. An Anachronism. I am traditional. American. Texan. A Patriot. Just like my family before me. A first born son all the way … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Back to the Future

Readers & fellow bloggers, check out this daily prompt. Wayne

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Do I have to love the ‘Daily Prompt?’

OK, I see this Daily Prompt in two different ways, first the slap in the face of ‘what are you really asking,’ and second, the reality between me and most people. “If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic … Continue reading

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I want to be in the White House.

The only three places in history I would want to be a fly on the wall are The Big Bang. I might get singed. The upper room when Jesus appeared to his disciples. I would know a lot of what … Continue reading

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A Texan’s Safari in Ukraine.

A Texan’s Safari in Ukraine. How would you top that? My favorite part of being here is the people. The kids are beautiful, and the Ukrainian children are very well behaved. You can tell a foreigner by how badly behaved … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Dream Home

Every now and then you need to expand your writing by some of those little games bloggers play. So, today, I describe my dream home. Other bloggers posted pictures, but that really does not describe a home, IMHO. First, I … Continue reading

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