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Why did God create you?

Friends, Earlier today, I spoke with a woman who had just moved from Houston to Madisonville. She moved to find herself. To leave the life in Houston that was not going in a good direction. And to find a better … Continue reading

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Dear readers, I hate writing about myself, that is just the way I am. But, you need a little background to understand the stories I write. I served with Captain Paxton during the Great War. We were in France when … Continue reading

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Ukraine Celebrates Freedom

Friends, I am still worried for Ukraine, so I am praying. But, their Parliament just voted out their President for not keeping the peace in the country. BBC News. But, I am praying that agitators do not continue to take … Continue reading

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Home is where the stomach is!

Today, they have an interesting ‘Daily post.’ Home sweet home. Well …. what makes a home? What is a home, and where is home, are all different questions. We have been taught ‘home is where the heart is.’ But, sometimes, … Continue reading

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Really? Read my blog if you want to know me.

I started laughing when I read today’s ‘daily prompt.’ Daily Prompt. They ask me to reflect on why I write, and what I write about, and how all of that reflects upon me. Read my blog and get back to … Continue reading

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I have always wanted to be a pilot and astronaut.

Everyone, Here is another daily prompt. At 10 years of age, I wanted to fly, did I blog on that recently? 🙂 And I wanted to be an astronaut. Zooming through space exploring new planets, and looking for new people. … Continue reading

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Out of time?

Every time I got back to the US, I am out of time, out of place in time. An Anachronism. I am traditional. American. Texan. A Patriot. Just like my family before me. A first born son all the way … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Back to the Future

Readers & fellow bloggers, check out this daily prompt. Wayne

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