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Why the rage?

Friends, Not everyone is angry, but have you noticed how many people are angry? I read about a Police officer being found not guilty for shooting two unarmed suspects 15 times. After they were stopped. CNN Article. I was held … Continue reading

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Innocent of Murder?

Can you be innocent of murder? This BBC Video says you can, and they proved in trial. Think about the implications, if ‘WE‘ the ‘Scientist’ can show you are different, ‘WE‘ can make a different standard for you. OK …. … Continue reading

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Fear in the bones and the right to the city, or: The Monster at the End of the Block

Originally posted on Adam Greenfield's Speedbird:
A piece I was commissioned to write earlier this year for the catalogue for Juha van ‘t Zelfde’s exhibition Dread: The Dizziness of Freedom, opening at De Hallen Harlem in the Netherlands on…

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