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Einstein told Moses what to write in Genesis

Friends, There is a never ending debate between Evolution and Christianity. Honestly? Some Christians think that they are Evolutionists, and this debate does not involve them. BUT, I have discussed this with MANY Atheist Evolutionists, even some of the ‘Big … Continue reading

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For my atheist readers

For my atheist readers, some of whom attain the status of friend, I wrote something similar to what follows in reply to a comment on my post Is Evolution True? Darwinian evolution while ‘cute,’ does not answer the following questions. … Continue reading

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Is Evolution true?

Friends, I wonder about this often. Sometimes, my thoughts are light, sometimes my thoughts are deep, and I meditate about Evolution. And I read way too much. First, I do not believe Evolution would change who God is. But, Evolution … Continue reading

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Darwin was a Christian

Friends, I find it amazing at how few atheists realize how many ‘atheists,’ ‘scientists,’ ‘evolutionists,’ and even ‘communists’ believed and do believe in God. So, let me walk back through that list. I live in Ukraine part time, the greatest … Continue reading

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Astrophysicists proven totally wrong again

Friends, I love it when we are told, “This means you have to accept our current understanding of …. which is based on evidence we have accrued from reality.” Sadly, we cannot enjoy the experience of discovery, because some are … Continue reading

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Asteroids prove current evolution wrong.

Readers, I am always amazed by Science in two ways. First, I admire the wonder of it all. Our Universe, our discoveries, and the theories. I love looking at the stars and dreaming about what might be there. Yet, for … Continue reading

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What I do not believe about Evolution.

This is a difficult topic to write about. First it is a complicated topic with a lot of big words. Second, it is polarized and politicized. Third, and probably the most important part, it is not understood by most people, … Continue reading

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