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What about Benghazi?

Are we already distracted by all the bad news, wars, and plagues? Or, should we watch Trey Gowdy today? Benghazi.House.Gov I think I mentioned I met the Ambassador, Amb Stevens, before he was assassinated. I tried to talk with the … Continue reading

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China pollutes Japan.

Would you believe Japan’s pollution problem is China? News Article. Not only did the US outsource about 8 Trillion Dollars each and every year to Asia’s economy, but by sending all those jobs to China without pollution standards, the Clinton … Continue reading

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US prepares to make a mistake in Syria.

Readers, We should pray for our President, and his State Department. Everything I am hearing is indicating we will soon make a major mistake in Syria. Iran is poised to counter attack. But, it seems Obama has gotten his ego … Continue reading

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